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Memminger audio concept (1)
now available for limousines, too

Memminger audio concept (1) 

Memminger TOP audio system (2)


The simple execution of „Memminger audio concept“ consists of two closed GRP housings and is assembled in the front floor area. We used a 16 neodymium woofer and a 16 mm Seidenkalotte. The system can be operated with every tuner, which has 4 amplifier exits. It has a special interconnection, so the entire performance of the tuner can be used. 
The “Memminger top audio concept” concerns a “all around system”. Additionally a woofer GRP housing and a 5-channel-power-amplifier with 4x40 watt and 1x80 watt is used.The fitting woofer module GRP housing is assembled space-savingly under the left side under the front rear seats. As a controller every tuner with a preamplifier exit can be used. 
Both systems are delivered ready for connection including a wiring harness and installation instructions. The price for the “Memminger audio concept” is
1.017,-- €, the price for the “Memminger top audio concept” is 1.908,-€.

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